Oceanside Air Conditioner (A/C) Recharge

  • Is it time to Recharge your home or business Air Conditioning (A/C) unit?
  • Time to add refrigerant such as Freon or Puron?
  • Your central AC not working properly?
  • Your AC blowing cool air but not cold?

At Oceanside VIP Plumbing you can count on our certified technicians to service, add/remove refrigerants and make recommendation for optimum A/C efficiency – residential or commercial.


To add or remove a specific amount of gas or liquid from an air conditioner unit (A/C) or system in order to get the proper charge from A/C system. In order to get proper charge, we need check return / supply registers for proper split. Also, depending on system, the most accurate way is checking chart, super heat and sub-coding cooling.

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Freon, Puron, R-22, R410a, etc

-There is leak with-in the unit
-Has not been check in years
-Suction line not sweating
-Hot air not blowing out of condenser fan
-Change of an A/C part
-Assembly of a new A/C unit


Colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-corrosive gases or liquids Freon takes gas and liquid form. Freon is the trade name for products created by a manufacturer, and is not an element that is found in nature. Instead, it is a mixture of numerous compounds found on the periodic table combined to create a substance that works to cool air.

Contrary to popular belief, refrigerants do not require periodical charging. Refrigerants are not a consumable element within the A/C unit. Older units may need added refrigerants every 5-10 years.

At the first sign of a leak, you should have the problem addressed immediately. Common causes for leaks include damage to the unit from being dropped or run into as well as issues from age, everyday wear and tear, outdoor environment, salt, trees, and rain, these cause condenser to corrode and create micro-leaks.


Your air conditioning unit is a refrigerator for the home, and the Freon inside the system goes through a process of transforming from a hot liquid to a cool gas in order to achieve the cooling process. Once the colder Freon gas transfers through the air-conditioning coils, it helps keep the entire unit cool while also removing heat from the air in your home and blowing out colder air in its place.


It’s important that the Freon levels in your air conditioners are constantly monitored. Although the air conditioning doesn’t actually deplete levels of Freon while in use, the levels will drop if there is a leak of some sort. Even a small reduction in the Freon levels in an air conditioner greatly affects its performance. It is estimated that a 10% loss of Freon could mean a 20% increase in your monthly electric bill because the air-conditioning system needs to work harder to produce cooler air for your home.


A unit with a 10 degree split that runs for 8-10 hours a day versus a unit with a 20 degree split has a considerable cost difference. This adjustment/repair by VIP Plumbing HVAC can save you hundreds.

If there is a leak in the A/C unit, evaporator coil or condenser or line set, our A/C leak detection trained team in Oceanside is ready to serve.

Residues hide leaks, such as sludge, corrosion encrustation and this residues build-up coats the interior of the system. The components now are sealed in corrosion such as pits, fissures, seams, seals, o’rings, and other small leak points. These deposits (scum) include refrigeration oils, acids, desiccant, pulverized metal, Teflon piston ring material, brazing fluxes, dye particles, etc.

Leaks are hard to find, but we are equip with audio, dye, soap, electronic sniffer, and ultra sound in order to find the solution. Freon leak detection, Freon repair, Freon findings…..you can count on us.

Whether it is in your home or business, it’s time to consider air conditioning. Summer-time in Oceanside is around the corner and the temperature will rise. Its not uncommon to have the temperature rise above the 100s. Air Conditioning is the best way to insure the well-being of your love ones or staff.

You can count on us to quickly repair your air conditioner today. Our experienced Oceanside technicians can provide an upfront quote on the first visit. No more scheduling for weeks or days away. Our response time is usually same day service or next day. Who can promise that? How about same day installation if necessary?

Now that’s VIP Plumbing HVAC service.

Most people think that air conditioners lower the temperature in their homes by pumping cool air in. The actual process removes warm air from your house and cycles it back in as cooler air. This cycle continues until your thermostat reaches the desired pre-set temperature.

When A/C units fail or work improperly usually its unexpected and undesirable. Here at VIP Plumbing HVAC, Inc. it is our job to determine the source of problem and to remedy and restore the function of the system. Our priority is to produce results…cool and cold results, today.

Certified Specialist Only – "Trust in Us"

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In the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, also referred as HVAC industry, its not rare to designate an air conditioning technicians as a HVACR. Here in Oceanside, VIP Plumbing technicians are certified.

Certified Specialist Only – "Trust in Us"
Our Oceanside technicians have passed a written EPA examination on Freon, refrigerants, adding and removal (disposal), transportation, safety practices, and type of equipment to be used. Our in-house training, real-life experience and years in the heat-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) industry plus our A+ star rating Better Business Bureau (BBB), VIP Plumbing is a company you can trust and rely on our quality of service.

In Oceanside VIP Plumbing HVAC, you can count on our certified technicians and qualified installers as your service agency. Whether its to add/remove refrigerants, leak detection/repairs, compressor replacement and make recommendation for optimum air conditioner (A/C) efficiency – residential, commercial and institutions….we are your service company.

—Up-Front Bidding in Writing
—Contact the prospect or client directly via phone
—Offer recommendations and options
—To perform the job onsite upon customer approval
—Plan repair sequence/strategy and methods for installation
—Make invoices with final cost
—To set up future appointments
—Order, pick up and deliver parts needed to complete the job
—Have assistant(s) to complete the task
—Offer client resolutions and resolve technical situations
—Follow-up on customer satisfaction
—Collect payments – Cash, Check, Credit Cards

Air Conditioning is the removal of heat from indoor and design to stabilize the air temperature and humidity within an area. The objective of air conditioning is to control temperature, also humidity, air quality and air movement from space to space

-Extract Heat
-Produce Cooling Air
-Vent in and circulate cool air-flow


Spiit Air Conditioner – To cool one or two rooms

Package Air Conditiner – 2 or more rooms / A large room

Central Air Conditioner – Houses, Big Buildings, Offices, Hotels, Gyms, Movie Theaters, Factories


Its true, just look at our reviews online with google or kudzu. Five star company at a affordable price. Our secret is keeping our customers happy and making sure every single job is very important to us because we provide




  • Immediate better air quality
  • Improve allergies and dust control
  • Use HVAC system with upgraded airflow
  • Ensure no air moisture in the air ducts
  • Instant impovement with cool or heat air travel or circulation
  • No condensation (water) dripping through cieling or walls
  • Will save you hundreds though the summer and winter
  • Unit will run at peak efficiency
  • Optimize your HVAC system
  • Maintaining HVAC units guarantees maximize comfort
  • Extend the life of the operating unit
  • Add value to your property
  • We guarantee our service
  • Our staff will gladly offer suggestions or other options


  • Your family’s well-being, safety and health
  • Family and people stay cool or warm, comfortable, and happy
  • Children and seniors safety
  • Staff is more efficient and more productive
  • Your customers are content and will spend more money


  • FREE Estimate – Repair, Installation, Replacement
  • Up-Front Bidding
  • Same Day or Next Day Service upon approval
  • Trained technicians who are professionals
  • Our work is guaranteed
  • Commercial vans with equipment, stocked inventory/supplies
  • 24/7 – Weekends, Holidays, and Evening services
  • EPA Certified – Contractors State License
  • Members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – A+ Rating
  • We accept cash, check, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER
  • Our VIP staff will give YOU the VIP treatment

When our Oceanside repair technician arrives he will first take a look at the situation, then give you a formal estimate on what it will take to complete the repair or job. Upon approval we will begin the work immediately. Our fleet of company commercial vans, fully stocked with the most common parts, and breakers we can do most installations. If we need to special order items, it usually only takes a few days.

SERVICE WITH CARE: Oceanside technicians will enter your home or office wearing shoe protectors, lay down tarp, and plastic coverings to protect your home.

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